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Pen Pen Pen Pen Pen

Click sPEN

-Alum/Brass Spinner *SOLD OUT*
-Brass/Brass Spinner *SOLD OUT*
-Alum/Alum Spinner *SOLD OUT*

The "Clicker" version of my popular "capped" Kickstarter version! The 'sPEN' ("Spin + Pen") uses a precision, knurled insert that integrates with the pen barrel. Spin with your fingers! Perfect for fidgeting while writing your next line!
LINK: See it on YouTube!

  • Ships with Schmidt Easyflow 9000 ink refill
  • 7/16" 6061 barrel diameter X 5.05" long
  • Knurled Brass finger spinner
  • Schmidt Click Mechanism
  • Made in Minneapolis, MN